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Medicare Supplements

Filling in the Gap

Filling in the Gap with Medicare Supplement Coverage As most people age 65 and over are aware, the Medicare program provides health insurance coverage to qualifying individuals – regardless of their income or asset level.... Read more »

How Medicare Differs from Medigap

Medicare and Medigap are two terms that are often confused due to their outward similarities. However, their definitions are quite different as you will soon learn in this article. We hope to dispel any confusion... Read more »

Medicare Supplement Insurance Policies (Medigaps)

Medicare Supplement Insurance policies are also referred to as Medigap policies. Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) pays for many, but not all healthcare services and supplies (see the articles titled: Medicare Part A... Read more »

The Medicare Advantage (Part C) Selection: Which Plan is Right for You?

There are 5 main types of Medicare Advantage Plans (MA or Part C). They may or not all be available in your particular area or region so you should check with Medicare for specific, local... Read more »

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D): Clearing the Confusion

Prescription drug coverage is available to all Medicare beneficiaries. Obtain it means joining a plan administered by a Medicare-approved insurance company within 63 day after your Initial Medicare Enrollment period ends. You or your senior... Read more »

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